Since 2002, as a business process outsourcing company providing services in the fields of customer experience and information technologies with our vision centred on innovation, we offer solutions that facilitate business processes to our stakeholders.

The Tempo of Transformation

In 2002, we started our journey as “call centre services” in a room and today we have become an international company providing services to more than 40 brands. We have changed, developed, grown together with the brands we provide consultancy to and started to describe ourselves as “Human and Technology oriented business process services”.

Along with our offices all over Turkey, we opened an office in Germany and started to provide services in Europe. With our thousands of customer representatives, we continue our journey at the same speed to create “new paths” for each customer we acquire.

Superior Sales Ability

With our experienced sales coaching, we have always provided our customers with our opportunity creation and sales closing teams that always lead to “the most successful”.

Strong Industry Experience

We have gained customer service and telesales experience in dozens of different sectors such as telecommunications, media, finance, banking, e-commerce and retail.

Our Awards

Employee Experience
The Best Company

B2B Customer Experience
The Best Productive Project

Tele-Sales and Tele-Marketing
The Best BPO

Vodafone Inbound Operation Awards
The Best Customer Experience

Stevie Awards
The Best Hybrid Learning Program

Innovative and Agile Structure

With our culture centred on continuous development and our planar organisational structure, we made fast and accurate decisions and implemented them.

Now, with the power that these skills have given us, we are moving forward with all our strength to become the leader of digital change.

Board of Directors

Our goal is to offer our services to global markets and contribute to Turkey becoming the service centre of Europe.


CEO / Chief Executive Officer

Mr Akalın holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Galatasaray University and started his career as a sales operations manager at Philips Turkey. In his Philips career, he took part in the creation of the company's digital sales channels within the framework of Key Account Manager and Trade Marketing Manager positions.

Afterwards, he worked as a marketing manager within Canon Eurasia within the scope of B2B business solutions and as a sales manager responsible for Turkey and Israel markets. In parallel with these duties at Canon Eurasia, he assumed key roles in the establishment and implementation of sales organisations in different geographies.

Developing business process software for Turkey’s leading companies with Digimer software solutions initiative, Akalın worked as sales manager at Atos Turkey between 2019-2020. As of 11 January 2021, Akalın started to work as Sales and Marketing Director at Tempo and was appointed as CEO as of 1 July 2022.

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Hüseyin ÖZKALE

CGO / Chief Growth Officer

Hüseyin Özkale graduated from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), Faculty of Electrical and Electronics, Department of Telecommunication Engineering in 2010 and continues his master's degree in the same department at ITU. Özkale started his career as a technical support engineer and continued his career in technical positions in important organisations in voice technologies.

In 2012, he joined Isnet as sales manager and held the same position for five years. Özkale, who started working at AloTech as of March 2018, worked as the director responsible for sales and business partnerships. Özkale, who also played a role in the growth of the Call Center Studio brand in foreign markets, started to work as Chief Growth Officer at Tempo BPO as of January 2024.

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CDO / Chief Digital Officer

He holds a bachelor's degree from Istanbul University, Faculty of Business Administration. After working in operations, service and sales operations in Xerox Turkey, he became Turkey Sales Manager. Afterwards, he worked as Turkey Sales Manager in Canon Eurasia (Turkey and Israel) operation.

After making Canon Eurasia the best selling region in Europe, he was transferred to Canon CEE (based in Vienna) and became the head of Sales and Marketing responsible for 26 countries. He achieved many successes in Canon CEE Management and made it the most productive region in Europe.

He was in charge of OCE integration first in Canon CEA and then in Canon CEE regions. Later, as a founding partner, he worked as General Manager, CSO, CMO in Thinkbell A.Ş., then Octopod A.Ş. (currently Xpoda). With Thinkbell Agency, sales development products, sales and management consultancy services have been used in more than 20 countries.

He has provided significant benefits to the establishment of Xpoda’s US headquarters in Silicon Valley and No Code Training Centre in South Carolina, and has a great impact on Xpoda’s becoming an Enterprise Software Development company ranked on international platforms.

In 2023, he joined TempoBPO, first as DTO Director, and as of 2024, he has been serving as Assistant General Manager responsible for Digital Services and is a member of the Executive Committee. Burç Pekmezoğlu, who has received many international awards throughout his working life, has also provided Sales, Marketing and Management Training and Consultancy in more than 20 countries.

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COO – Chief Operating Officer

Sarısoy, who completed his business administration education at Dumlupınar University, started his career as a customer representative at Aras Kargo Customer Services. One year later, he assumed the role of team leader in the same company. Afterwards, he worked as Call Centre Manager at Baymak and Call Centre Manager at Telekurye, respectively. In 2008, he stepped into the outsourcing sector and assumed the position of Call Centre Manager at Vodatech.

At Vodatech, he was responsible for the management and growth of bank/insurance projects for 5 years and achieved significant success.

In 2013, Sarısoy joined TempoBPO family and after working as Call Centre Manager in telecommunication projects for 4 years, he assumed the duties of Operations Director in 2017 and Executive Committee member in 2018. In 2022, Sarısoy assumed the position of Director responsible for all Turkish Operations, and in 2023, he also assumed the management of Foreign Language Projects.

As of 2024, he continues his duty as TempoBPO Assistant General Manager of Operations – COO.

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CPO / Chief Product Officer

With over 19 years of experience in Human Resources, Tuğçe HÜNKAR started her career as a Human Resources Specialist at Tesco Kipa Turkey after her undergraduate education at Ankara University, Faculty of Communication. She worked in different functions of Human Resources in fast retail brands such as Colin's and Defacto.

Afterwards, she worked as Human Resources Manager at iDATA and Head of HR at English Home and assumed leadership roles in the fields of establishing and growing Human Resources structures and moving them to corporate organisations. Tuğçe HÜNKAR, who has been working as Executive Board Member and GMY responsible for Employee and Culture at Tempo BPO for the last 4 years, is responsible for the management of Employee and Culture, Total Quality and Process Management and Productivity departments in our company. She also continues the strategic leadership and management of the employment office, which is our group company with the MAGNA brand in the sector.

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Birol KAYA

CFO / Chief Financial Officer

Kaya, who graduated from Selçuk University Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, started his professional life as Digicom AŞ Accounting Manager. Afterwards, he worked as a responsible manager for the company that does Accounting, Bodro and reporting work for many international companies.

Afterwards, he was appointed as Accounting-Finance Manager between September 2013 and June 2018, Accounting-Finance Director between June 2018 and January 2020, Accounting-Finance Director between June 2018 and January 2020, Financial and Administrative Affairs Director between January 2021 and January 2024 and Assistant General Manager responsible for Financial Affairs after January 2024 in TempoBPO.

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CTO / Chief Technology Officer

Eraslan, who holds a master's degree in Management Information Systems from Beykent University, started his career as System Support Specialist at Öznakliyat Turkey. Afterwards, he worked as System Specialist at Turkcell between 2005-2008 and System Security Specialist at Tellcom, another organisation of Turkcell.

After working as System Administrator at Mobilnet Telekomünikasyon between 2008-2011, Eraslan worked as System Administrator, System and Network Manager and Information Technologies Director at Tempo BPO as of 2011. Eraslan was appointed as CTO as of February 2024.

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