TechOps Center

Qualified Resources, Flexible Services

We offer multi-channel and multilingual (23 foreign languages) customer experience services that can be integrated into your system according to your goals and needs, ranging from inbound and outbound customer experience services to back office services, field services, and technology.

We Offer Remote Manageable Solutions That Accelerate Your Business Processes.

We ensure that you receive technological services outside your core knowledge and expertise reliably and quickly.

In the business world, growth, gaining a competitive edge, and maintaining success depend on meeting customer expectations and adapting to changing market standards. With TechOps Center, we provide companies with first-level IT support services, software testing, cybersecurity monitoring, data labeling, and robotic process design.

In these areas, we design effective solutions and manage resources to meet scalable and seasonal needs. By adhering to international standards, TechOps Center offers services such as documentation, product memory maintenance, and intra-team product transfer after the product is delivered, providing our customers with a cost advantage.